URINEX 60 ml

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RINEX contains synergistic herbs that have antiseptic, antibacterial and regenerative, necessary for the functioning of the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract.

Product Description

Urinex contains herbs traditionally used to increase the production and excretion of urine. The urinary tract is well cleaned. These herbs eliminate calculations, promote the expulsion of intestinal gas, reduce bloating, abdominal release tensions and relax the muscles and sphincters. This formula is disinfectant and antiseptic and acts against various pathogens. Their removal is facilitated by a stimulation of peristalsis. This complex is gentle on the stomach. It is also a powerful blood purifier that helps to detoxify the liquids intra and extra cellular. It unblocks lymph and intestines and also resolves the inflammation of the digestive system while reducing leaky gut. Emollient par excellence, Urinex calms, soothes and moisturizes. It helps to quench the thirst and soothes irritation. This formula protects the kidney tissues and increases the excretion of uric acid.



Verge d’or fraiche, feuilles de busserole, baies de genévrier, feuille de chimaphile à ombrelles, racine fraîche bardane, fleurs fraîches de calendula, racine fraîche guimauve, feuilles fraîches d’ortie



Secouer avant usage. Ajouter à un peu d’eau ou de jus 3 fois par jour.



25-50 lbs = 1/3 c-g
50-75 lbs = ½ c-g
75-150 lbs = 1 c-g
150-225 lbs = 1 ½ c-g
225-300 lbs = 2 c-g



Consulter un praticien de soins de santé avant d’en faire l’usage si vous êtes enceinte ou si vous allaitez.



Ne pas utiliser si le bouchon de sécurité est brisé ou manquant. Garder hors de la portée des enfants.



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