OXY-VITA 473 ml

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High source of antioxidants

Product Description

These herbs are traditionally used for their antioxidant effect.

This formula allows the immune system to neutralize the effect of stresscausing free radicals in the body. It slows the oxidation of cholesterol and proliferation of cancer cells. It relieves inflammation, promotes muscle recovery during intense exercise and helps to restore the acid-base balance of the body. Its calming effect on the nervous system allows relaxation, better concentration and restful sleep. OXY-VITA is beneficial to the  liver and stomach. It contains pectin that slows the absorption of sugar and prevents harmful substances from the intestine to be absorbed by the body. Combined to its stimulating effect on the cleaning organs, this formula promotes weight loss.


Pure concentrate from organically grown Black Cherries, including skin and pit.


Mix one tablespoon with a cup of water. Use as a sweetener

in teas and other drinks instead of sugar. Refrigerate.



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