TRE 60 ML (NPN : 80092266)

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General and nourishing tonic, blood purifier that improves overall health.

Product Description

The calendula is traditionally used in herbal medicine to help relieve inflammatory conditions of the digestive system. Nettle and yarrow are traditionally used in herbal medicine as a diuretic. Used in herbal medicine as a nutritive tonic. millefeuille is used in herbal medicine as a diaphoretic to promote perspiration. 



Nettle: Rich in chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals, especially iron, which prevents anemia. A blood purifier and kidney tonic, it eliminates waste and acidity. As it alkalizes the blood, it calms the nervous system, gives energy and speeds recovery. It helps dissolve and eliminate kidney stones.
All ingredients are organically grown or wild harvested.

Calendula: Mild tonic of the lymphatic system that promotes circulation of the lymph and the elimination of waste and toxins. It therefore alleviates problems of the skin, joints, swelling and water retention. It decongests, which can reduce headaches, eliminate cysts, especially breast cysts, it dissolves fibroids and reduces tumours. It regulates the menstrual cycle and reduces cramps. Antiviral and antifungal.

Yarrow: Diaphoretic, increases sweating, thereby eliminating waste and reducing fever. Astringent and haemostatic, it reduces bleeding of all kinds, including nose bleeds and abundant menstrual flow, especially during menopause. It is a venous tonic and blood thinner, it lowers cholesterol and blood clots. As a vasodilator, it lowers blood pressure. Anti-inflammatory.

Sugar cane alcohol (25-35%)


Adultes : Take one teaspoon (5 ml) in a small amount of water, three times a day. Shake well before use.


Do not use during pregnancy or if taking blood thinners or Lithium.


Do not use if the security cap is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children.



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