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Relieve intestinal discomfort, regain that feeling of lightness!

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Digestive health care specialist for more than 20 years

ACTUMUS is a Quebec based company specialized in the digestive health for more than 20 years. We are only using whole foods and superfoods ingredients of the highest quality. Relief digestive discomfort symptoms such as occasional constipation and irregularity using our Health Canada approved (NPN) line of products.

  • Quick relief of constipation, irregularity and bloating
  • Health Canada approved (NPN)
  • Used by health care practitioners in clinics for more than 20 years
  • Natural health products of the highest quality
  • Made in Canada
Georges Laraque

I go to the washroom, 2-3 times. I've never felt better, I have so much energy!

Georges Laraque

Listen to Georges Laraque's testimonial after using our digestive health care products during a recent conversation with Christian Limoges, naturopath and founder of Actumus

Maximize the efficiency of BIO-FLO I, BIO-FLO II and CHLOROFORCE combining them in a delicious cleansing drink.

Get 10% OFF with the purchase of these 3 products and free delivery with any order above 65$.



BIO-FLO I is a unique blend of fibers that improves intestinal transit and reliveves occasional constipation.


BIO-FLO II is a smooth laxative containing Cascara Sagrada to facilitate intestinal elimination.


CHLOROFORCE, contains antioxidants that protect cells and helps reduce body odors.