FRP 60 ml

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Supports and enhances the female reproductive system.

Product Description

FRP contains herbs that are traditionally used to cause an increase in progesterone levels in the body to create a better balance with estrogen. This action relieves the states of swelling, pain, congestion, cramps, spasms, digestive disorders, dizziness, dryness, hot flashes, depression and that, even in the absence of ovaries. This formula activates milk production during lactation and is effective for stopping acne. It relieves urinary disorders during pregnancy and reduces morning sickness. It can serve as a tonic in late pregnancy. FRP acts favorably against infections and cysts. Its action improves fertility and restores energy and movement to the uterus.

Chaste tree berry, star grass root, false unicorn root, saw palmetto berry, wild yam root, red raspberry leaf, black haw bark.

Shake well. Add to a small amount of water or juice 3 times daily.

25-50 lbs = 1/3 dropper
50-75 lbs = ½ dropper
75-150 lbs = 1 dropper
150-225 lbs = 1 ½ dropper
225-300 lbs = 2 dropper

Do not use if safety cap
is broken or missing. Keep out of reach
of children.

Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.



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